Formulated to reduce the severity and duration of scours in calves by reversing the process of dehydration and the loss of electrolytes. May be used alone or in combination with antibiotics.

For use during stressful periods such as the starter phase, vaccinations, disease and excessive temperature change.

As a post treatment against coccidiosis, worm infections, bacterial and viral infections.

Convalescence during off-feed periods, nutritional deficiency or disease.

Vitalprotect® is a blend of various ingredients which contribute, through their structures, to adsorbing or limiting the negative impact of mycotoxins. Vitalprotect® actions include:

  • Reduced mycotoxin contamination in animal feed. In vitro trials showed a 93% adsorption capacity on Aflatoxin B1.
  • Maintained digestive tract integrity.
  • Reduction of the negative impacts of other mycotoxins such as DON, fumonisins, zearalenone are among other actions achieved by Vitalprotect®.

Si Acid is a scientifically formulated blend of organic acids consisting of formic acid, lactic acid and citric acid. Blended organic acids have been proven to have the following benefits:

  • Assists in relieving post-weaning stresses in piglets such as diarrhoea and morbidity
  • A reduction in the gastrointestinal pH due to the addition of organic acids results in reduced ability for bacteria to proliferate, a bacteriostatic effect similar to that of antibiotic growth promoters
  • Organic acid anions can form a complex with calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc, improving the absorption of these minerals and reducing the excretion of supplemental minerals and nitrogen into the environment
  • Short chain fatty acids from organic acids have stimulatory effects on both endocrine and exocrine pancreatic secretions in pigs, which aid in digestion
  • Organic acids act as an energy source in the gut of pigs which promotes healthy villi for improved gut health
  • Reduces sow’s probability of contracting a bladder infection

Si Acid can be administered via the water or feed. By adding Si Acid to drinking water, the organic acids can prevent a biofilm from forming in the water lines, which helps ensure fresh, clean water.

Creep feeding is the practice of feeding a solid diet to piglets while they are suckling the sow, preparing their digestive system for weaning. Creep feeding initiates and promotes gut and digestive enzyme development, which enables the piglet to digest nutrients from food sources other than that of milk. This encourages feed intake, which is one of the greatest challenges to post-weaning performance.

Creep feeding becomes increasingly important and beneficial as weaning age increases. As piglets grow, their demand for nutrients similarly grows and with increasing age this demand outstrips the capacity of the sow to supply them, as the sow’s milk yield peaks at around three weeks and then slowly declines.


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