Hoofcare supplies key nutrients for hooves and is a unique balanced blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids While these ingredients work dramatically when in balance with each other, they work only marginally when supplemented individually.

Hoofcare has many advantages:

  • Reduced incidence and severity of horn defects
  • Increased tensile strength
  • Improved condition of the white line junction
  • Improved healing and growth of hooves

Somacount is a combination of vitamins, amino acids and minerals to maximize the opportunity of self-cure in the case of high somatic cell counts.

Aids in reducing the incidence of subclinical and/or clinical mastitis and decreases the somatic cell count of bulk milk by improving the cellular immunity of the udder.

Ultrabuff can be used for the immediate and symptomatic treatment of severe acidosis. The use of both buffering agents as well as isotonic replacement salts for the treatment of severe acidosis for the replacement of the main micro and macro minerals lost as a results of flushing.

For the continuous treatment and prevention of acidosis. The use of both buffering agents as well as microminerals for the prevention of acidosis.

For the treatment of stressful periods for the fresh cow, especially during the pre and post calving period, by supplementing energy, essential vitamins and minerals.

In many cases, even the highest density rations will not provide adequate energy. In these situations the cow will mobilise large amounts of body fat, through the liver, in an attempt to bridge this energy shortfall.

This results in ketones accumulating in the blood, milk, and urine. What can follow, is referred to as ketosis or acetonaemia.

Organic Cow Booster also contains a product which optimises the functioning of the rumen by altering the NPN utilisation of the microbial population.

The product is used for the sustainment of the fresh cow with the supplementation of all essential vitamins and minerals needed during the pre and post calving period.

Used for the treatment of stress conditions as a result of ketosis and metabolic disturbances that may prevent and alleviate fatty liver in dairy cows.

For the supplementation of dairy cows on pasture to sustain and improve their essential nutrient status. The sustainment of the microbial population in the rumen is of utmost importance to assist in fermenting and utilising all available elements in the diet.

Used to bolster the immunity, health status and fertility rate of the cow.

The first limitation in intake occurs around calving and at the day of calving marks the lowest intake of the year, with the highest expulsion of minerals and vitamins. Recovery from this low point is rapid under normal circumstances but the first two or three weeks are crucial since upsets at this time can precipitate metabolic disorders.

A common fallacy is that since feed intake is low in the first few weeks of lactation, giving more concentrates can easily increase the energy intake. In fact, whilst feeding concentrates below a certain level can cause a reduction in energy intake, beyond this level increases in concentrates may have little influence on energy intake since total feed intake is even further depressed.

It is important to remember that even on high concentrate diets cows still show the low intake and depressed energy intake characteristic of early lactation. It is therefore important to increase the mineral and vitamin status by feeding TMR Intensifier from calving.

Feed intake can be upset if the diet is of the wrong kind. For example, a deficiency of any of the essential nutrients­ protein, vitamins and minerals, usually has an immediate depressing effect on intake.

The formulation of TMR Intensifier revolved around the above discussion, where intake and the availability of the micronutrients supplied to the animal commercially comes into play.

Novatan® is a natural and alternative solution made with essential oils and trace elements. Its action increases the zootechnical performances of dairy cows by improving the use of the proteins of the diet.

It acts to increase intestinal protein and to optimise rumen function, resulting in:

  • More milk and more protein
  • Reduction of urea concentration in the milk
  • Control of metabolic disorders

The active principles of Novatan® have a targeted action on the ruminal population. The action is two-fold:

  • Firstly, it stimulates microbial protein synthesis
  • Secondly, it increases the quantity of bypass proteins

Combination of amino acids and vitamins to stimulate protein synthesis during stressful periods.

Combination of vitamins and electrolytes to be used during stressful periods.

Formulated to reduce the severity and duration of scours in calves by reversing the process of dehydration and the loss of electrolytes. May be used alone or in combination with antibiotics.

For use during stressful periods such as the starter phase, vaccinations, disease and excessive temperature change.

As a post treatment against coccidiosis, worm infections, bacterial and viral infections.

Convalescence during off-feed periods, nutritional deficiency or disease.

Vitalprotect® is a blend of various ingredients which contribute, through their structures, to adsorbing or limiting the negative impact of mycotoxins. Vitalprotect® actions include:

  • Reduced mycotoxin contamination in animal feed. In vitro trials showed a 93% adsorption capacity on Aflatoxin B1.
  • Maintained digestive tract integrity.
  • Reduction of the negative impacts of other mycotoxins such as DON, fumonisins, zearalenone are among other actions achieved by Vitalprotect®.


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