To sustain the horse’s joints and cartilage integrity.

Rehydration and electrolytic balance after training and hard work. The inclusion as an isotonic replacement salts for the replacement of minerals lost as a result of sweating and the replacements of the main micro and macro minerals lost as a results of sweating during hard work. Formulated for horses that are subjected to continual periods of physical exertion resulting in body salt and fluid loss, helping to correct fluid balance and to assist in the prevention of dehydration. Sodium, potassium and chloride ions are the three ions that are predominantly lost in sweat. Calcium and magnesium play the role in neuromuscular transmission. Calcium is a nerve cell stabiliser. They are major body salts, responsible for control of osmotic pressure, acid­base equilibria in body fluids and the maintenance of electrolyte gradients within the tissues.

With prior approval from a veterinarian, this supplement is ideal for ultra-high performing horses for additional health and vitality benefits.


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